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1. Squeedorable Amis


Squeedorable Amis:

This ebook will introduce you to the wonderful world of crochet. It will show you fun, cute and quirky designs that resemble doodles of a child…otherwise known as my own weird doodles. I assure you that through this ebook, not only will you know about the different styles that I always use for my amigurumis, but you will also learn to love and enjoy crocheting and maybe later on even become addicted to it…trust me! This ebook is for everybody - whether you are six and just beginning to have a grasp on reality, trying to figure out how and why certain things work or you’re already sixty enjoying your retirement.  I promise you, dear readers, that through this ebook, you will get to utilize your imagination, cure your boredom and make your creative juices flow. Even if you are just beginning to learn crochet (or even if you have no prior knowledge about crocheting whatsoever), this book will surely make you enjoy crocheting while it teaches you the ropes.   And maybe, it can even make you a professional level amigurumist crocheter in no time! [remember, nothing is impossible and practice does make perfect!] With simple yet very creative looking designs, this ebook is sure to bring out the best in you and make you shine! Remember, crocheting is not just for grannies, even YOU no matter how young you are, will be able to crochet and will find it an enjoyable past time. So flip through the pages of my ebook, look at all the images of the amigurumis I have done and I can surely guarantee that you will love, and I do mean LOVE crocheting!

Squeedorable Amis: Amigurumis that make you SQUEEEEAAALLL because of their adorableness

release date: March 27, 2012 [Philippine Time]

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individuals patterns are also available on ravelry and craftsy [individual pricing is seen beside the pattern name below] 

Special Promo Price $9.99 - valid from March 27, 2012 - April 30, 2012

Regular Price $13.99 - effective after April 30, 2012

Patterns included:


if you buy the ebook before April 30, you save $11.00! and if you buy it after, you still save $7.00

plus, there’s a little surprise when you buy the ebook! 

2. Awwdorable Achievable: A Mini eBook


This is the first installment of the mini eBook series of Sweet N’ Cute Creations
Aww + Adorable. When most people look at amigurumi animals, their first reaction is always to go “aww” because of how adorable it is. Given that usual reaction, i decided, with the help of the people on my Facebook page, to combine both words to form the word Awwdorable. Given this title, I hope that my works are adorable enough to make you go aww. I added the word achievable to it not just because it rhymes with awwdorable, but because I want more people to realize that crocheting these animals doesn’t take any special skill or talent, you’ve just got to be able to visualize your- self crocheting. Learn the basic stitches [single crochet chain and slip stitch], have patience and most of all the love for it. I know that most of you may think that this mini edition ebook’s patterns are more complex and will take more time, but I assure you that despite all these, you’ll still have fun making them.

Release Date: April 20, 2012 — Philippines Time

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Individual patterns are also being sold
Paopao the Panda Buy now
Boo the Bee Buy now
Sadie the Elephant Buy now
Mabelle the Beaver Buy now
Brian the Taratoala Buy now

3. The Bunnyvengers

the bunnyvengers collection is my 2nd mini ebook
this doesnt come individually, however.
inside, you’ll not only find the fabulous patterns of the five bunnyvengers photographed, but you’ll also have a cute little story that i made for each of them.
since i know that the avengers is such a hype right now, i decided to price this entire thing at only $2.95!

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4. The Colorful Collection

This ebook comprises of both the anielle collection and the june 2012 collection of sweet n’ cute creations. 
colorful, sweet and adorable, once you get this ebook, you’re sure to just fall in love with each and every ami and pattern!

you can get this ebook from ravelry or craftsy for only $5.25!

if you dont want the entire ebook but you want the anielle collection, it’s available for only $3.50

you can get it from ravelry or craftsy as well

Individual patterns are also available, so don’t worry

1. gigi the giraffe 


2. mimi the meerkat 

3. porkie the piggy 

4. coco the koala 

5. aniellie the stork